Our Solidor doors and our sliding sash windows regularly transform homes across the South East.

This project highlights how something as simple as one of our Solidor doors and uPVC sliding sash windows can truly transform the face of a small home.

The owner of this property is actually a DWL member of staff. Having seen many Solidor doors and uPVC sliding sash windows fly through our system into our customer’s home, it was only natural they would eventually pluck some for themselves. They had even honed in on the exact design they wanted.

Using Solidor’s Design A Door feature, our customers can design everything starting from the basic frame and slab colour, to the letterbox and handle design all the way down to the colour of the hinges and the specification of the lock. Our customers often comment on how easy this feature makes things for our customers. There are so many decisions to make for homeowners when choosing windows and doors these days, it is refreshing for things to be made easier. The full Solidor brochure can be found here. It’s a great brochure with all of the options on show.

The owners were fairly fed up with their old composite door, which had a lever/lever set. This means that when inside the property, they had to turn the key to lock themselves in. They preferred the idea of closing the door and not needing the key to lock it. So on the new doors we arranged for it to be fitted with a thumb turn cylinder. This would mean that the door would be key entry outside and thumb turn inside.

The slab colour was to be French Grey, similar to Painswick, which is a colour made fashionable by Residence 9, the front running product in the timber look window market. For a case study of one of our Residence 9 installation, head over to this article to read more.

With regards to the windows, the couple had purchased the house with standard uPVC top hung windows in. These are often put in to replace sliding sash windows (a.k.a. Vertical Sliders) as they are a cheaper alternative. However, the couple wanted to do it right and wanted to invest in the more luxurious proper uPVC sliding sash windows. We think the extra cost was really worth it.

The before and after photos below pay testament to the transformative power of our Solidor doors and uPVC sliding sash windows as opposed to normal uPVC top hung windows.

Before and After Photos


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