Creating a luxury home in the countryside.

Stunning Schüco systems for a new build in the Hampshire countryside

If you get the chance to construct a new home within the British countryside, you want to take full advantage of the beauty of nature, every day. Windows and doors that give you the chance to take in as much of your view as possible can turn every wall into a work of art.

In a recent project, in collaboration with OB Architecture, we had the privilege to install a selection of our Schüco systems into a new build – designed to blend seamlessly with the rolling hills surrounding it.  

Working with the countryside
The site of Holm Place was nestled close to the delicate beauty of the Hampshire countryside. Lead by architect James Day of OB Architecture, the new build was designed to be clean, contemporary and modern.

The site was held to strict planning restrictions, which meant the design had to feature a ‘part bungalow’ to ensure it didn’t go over a specified height.

With polished concrete floors inside and beech cladding on the exterior, the property used the colouring of natural materials that would weather gently – helping to seamlessly blend the build with the landscape.

A huge part of this design was to make sure that the windows and doors were of the highest standard and could fit comfortably in with the proposed colourings and sleek design. James came to us after seeing our body of work and felt confident we were the right experts for the job.

Managing each step
After initial contact, it turned out James had a very clear vision of what he wanted to achieve. He had plenty of experience working with Schüco systems and, as a result, was very hands-on in his selection. This was a refreshing change as it meant we could turn our attention to aligning the quote with the manufacturing time OB Architecture wanted to achieve.

James selected two Schüco products he’d successfully worked with in the past:

  • Schüco AWS70 HI windows
  • Schüco ASS70 HI lift and slide doors

Schüco AWS70 HI windows are highly insulated and offer some of the slimmest sightlines available. For consistency throughout, these were paired with Schüco ASS70 HI lift and slide doors. Designed to be sleek and sturdy, the lift and slide system can be made larger than any other aluminium doors – and because they can be arranged in any preferred configuration, they’re perfect for a modern, bespoke home that values its view.

To really add to the detailing of the build, James also requested glass to glass corners on both the ground and first floor windows. Using structural silicone instead of a frame would create the illusion of outside and inside becoming one – creating the perfect flow of light throughout the building.

To ensure each product worked with the delicate beech cladding, we worked with James to colour match a warm, grey tone for the frames.

Our biggest focus was then working with the polished concrete flooring. It was essential that the thresholds of our windows and doors could work in perfect conjunction with the level of the floor, allowing everything to meet the architect’s specifications.

As with all projects of this size and scope, it takes time to move through from quoting stage. James valued our responsive work – and with a relaxed approach from our side, it meant he could guide the build without pressure.

Bringing the project to life
Our Project Consultant, James, worked closely with James (of OB Architecture) through to sign off of the quote.

Uniquely in this situation, we both decided that to help save on lead in times, we wouldn’t perform a site survey before ordering the products. Instead, we spent hours working through all the CAD drawings, ensuring every eventuality was accounted for.

After placing the order and receiving the windows and doors on time, it was almost remarkable that everything fitted perfectly – with only one or two minor adjustments. This displayed impressive work from the architect James and was a major achievement in terms of our partnership on this project.

We then worked with the main contractor R Durtnell & Sons and their site manager to manage the installation. The huge frames meant that some of the units designed for the first floor were over 450kg each.

Based on the location of the site, the only access was down a narrow country lane. To work with this, we had to lift the units up in the air using a telehandler. To get the frames into place, our team of 10 men guided the units around the master bedroom flat roof and the first floor sliding doors. After a few days of hard work, all the windows and doors were fitted on time and within budget.

The end client was thrilled with the final result and has now fully moved into their beautiful new home. The project has been so successful that we’ve gone on to work with both OB Architecture and R Durtnell & Sons on a number of other projects.


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