Thin aluminium windows installed into this heritage listed building, South Wimbledon.

Thin aluminium windows are sometimes a luxury and at other times, a necessity.

In some cases, people are prepared to invest the extra for thin aluminium windows over chunkier uPVC windows. In this case, as we were installing into a listed building that had super-thin crittall windows before, we had no choice but to use our thin aluminium windows.

Listed buildings present there own issues and complications. In a valid effort to retain character and architecture in important landmark buildings within a community, it is now very difficult to change any significant feature of that given building. Of course, windows and doors are a major aspect of any building, so they very much need to comply.

The old single glazed, crittall windows that were once installed into this building were like all the other crittall windows we take out. Thermally poor performing, insecure with little to no real locking features, draughty and very old. As part of the overall renovation works that were planned at the building, a new set of windows and doors was required.

The only product that really replicated the look of the crittall windows that were there are our Smart Heritage 47 thin aluminium windows. To fully replicate what was there previously, we needed to put astragal bars in certain designs. This super-thin framed system of ours not only replicates what was there before but also maximises light passage through the building, which is always a big plus.

The installation took approximately 5 days with one of our teams of two men removing and recycling all of the old frames and glass.

The building is still in regular use today by the Wimbledon community. The heating bills in the property will have certainly gone down and they won’t have any problems with condensation inside the windows either. And most importantly, they have retained the aesthetic feel of the property!


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