This property in Sevenoaks features one of our Hormann front doors.

The installation of this Hormann front door is part of a larger installation, which features a set of our cornerless bifold doors, can be read about here. In this case study, we’ll focus just on the aluminium ThermoPro Hormann front door, which is a unique product.

As with any product that is high-end and dare we say, German, our Hormann front doors do come with a high price tag, not for the faint hearted. For supply and installation of one of our aluminium ThermoPro Hormann front doors, our customers will pay anywhere between £2000 for a single door all the way to £5000 for certain models with a side panel either side. Predominantly known for their garage doors, Hormann front entrance doors are becoming increasingly in demand. In this article we look at why this is.

The biggest thing that separates Hormann front entrance doors from their competitors is to do with the opening sash.

On our standard aluminium entrance doors, you have the door ‘outer frame’, which is the part that touches the brickwork, then the ‘sash’ profile is connected to the outer frame with hinges, which allows the door to open and close. After that, the aluminium feature panel is glazed into the sash. These panels are available in a multitude of different designs as can be found on page 38 of our brochure. An example of this design, which is our standard and most cost effective aluminium entrance door can be seen in the photo below from an installation of ours in West London.

coloured aluminium windows after photos

As you can see by looking at the black gasket lines on the photo, there is the outer frame, then the sash and then the aluminium panel.

The Hormann ThermoPro front entrance door however, only has an outer frame and a sash. The feature designs available are the sash. You’ll see this from looking at the photos below. This sleek look is the main thing that separates the Hormann front door from others on the market.

The Hormann ThermoPro brochure can be downloaded for free by clicking here.


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