Residence 9 timber effect windows installed into Kent home.

Our Residence 9 timber effect windows worked wonders to modernise this Kent home.

The installation of Residence 9 (R9) timber effect windows into this Kent home serves to maintain stylistic authenticity whilst greatly improving performance. In this case study, we look at what makes R9 the ideal choice for timber effect windows and how this Kent home will benefit from them.

There are many timber effect windows on the market, but R9 are one of the most popular choices, especially when installed by experts such as the team here at DWL.

Residence 9 have gained their reputation as market-leading flush sashes thanks to their unique 9-chambered design and one that is based on genuine conservation guidelines, making them suitable even for listed properties.

With 9 chambers, heat is far more likely to be trapped inside this property, meaning it will stay warm even when the heating is turned up or if it is freezing outside. Combined with high performance glass, it is possible for these timber effect windows to achieve Window Ratings of A+, some of the best in the industry.


Before Wood look windows Residence 9 rosewood installers DWL

From the before and after pictures, it is clear to see how stylistically impressive R9 timber effect windows are. Notice the discoloration due to warping and rotting in the first picture.

Timber is the most authentic window material of choice, but requires a lot of time and hassle in terms of sanding down, repainting and repairing. R9 timber effect windows are a great solution to combat maintenance hassle – and is one key reason behind the choice of these Kent homeowners.


Wood look windows Residence 9 rosewood installers DWL

In the image showing the windows after R9 installation, you can see how the windows still look like timber, but the finish is smooth and clean. The glass is far more aesthetically pleasing too, making for much enhanced curb-side appeal.

Generally, the timber effect windows will enhance the home inside and out. The Kent home will benefit from thermal performance and reduced draughts, and pleasing aesthetics. It is clear to see why the homeowners were so pleased with DWL’s work, and why we are an R9 approved installer in the South East.

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