Traditional look uPVC windows worked a treat in this Kent home.

Our customers are choosing to go for traditional look uPVC windows more and more these days. No longer do they have to choose from gloss white uPVC and timber windows. There is now a happy medium. Achieving the aesthetic, thermal and secure qualities of timber, without the maintenance or cost, so it’s not hard to see why so many are choosing to invest in traditional look uPVC windows.

These customers took on this South East Kent property from their parents, who no longer needed such a large home. The existing timber windows were rotting, leaking air and the fairly busy road could be heard through the windows. Initially, they approached one to the larger national glazing companies (naming no names!) and received the standard treatment of the price being reduced by half after the salesperson calling the manager and agreeing an “extra special discount” as it was a special time of the month etc. Getting pretty bored with this service pretty quickly, they found us through our accountants.

One of our team attended the site to measure everything up and we also took along the various products that the customer had said they would be interested in. In this case, we went along armed with one of our Residence 9 samples and one of our traditional look uPVC windows. We were able to give rough price differences to the customers on site. The couple loved the Residence 9 window but were not sure whether their budget would stretch far enough for it given all of the other extensive refurbishment works they had planned. We got to measuring everything up and answered any questions the couple had then and there. We left a business card and said we would be in touch with the quote in a few days.

The quote was to include not only the white woodgrain traditional look uPVC windows, but also the front and back door. The customer loved the blue colour of the existing doors and loved the designs in our English Door Company brochure, which can be downloaded by clicking here. However, as can be seen in the brochure, the blue colour they were after was not available, so by using the RAL Kolorbonding process available on our EDC doors, we were able to give the customers the exact RAL colour they were after on both doors. More about the RAL Kolorbonding process can be found here.

After considering the products and their price tags, as they suspected, Residence 9 was slightly out of their budget, but on the other hand were very pleased with the look of our traditional look uPVC windows.

So the homeowners duly placed the order and around 4-5 weeks later after we had conducted a full site survey, our installers fitted everything over the space of a week.

As the before and after shots demonstrate, our traditional look uPVC windows really can transform a property.

Before and After Photos


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