Transformation inspiration: Garden Cottage to modern masterpiece in East Sussex

Transformation inspiration: Garden Cottage to modern masterpiece in East Sussex

Whatever style your property is, it’s sure to have its own charm. From sophisticated townhouses to modern apartments, a bold aesthetic is sure to stand the test of time. But what happens when you want to radically transform the look of your property? If you’re anything like our Garden Cottage clients in East Sussex, you’ll come straight to our friendly experts.

A super-creative brief

Creating a completely symmetrical look throughout a property is something our team knows all about. This client wanted to do just that, transforming an old cottage into a modern property. From the front, they wanted to emphasize its traditional tile-hung exterior, while maximising the gorgeous view from the back.

The clients were thrilled that we were able to understand and embrace these design nuances, trusting us to advise them on the perfect products for creating this effect. Our project consultants wanted to really enhance the uniqueness of this project and felt the quality and thermal performance of Schuco products would give them and their architect what they needed.

Peace of mind, every step of the way

Meeting face to face is super-important to our project consultants as it allows them to talk through every aspect of the project so the clients feel comfortable. So after advising the clients to go with the Schuco AWS70HIcasement and tilt and turn windows and Schuco ASS70 FD bi-folding doors, we met with them in person to get down to the nitty gritty.

On a project like this, each little detail needs to come together to create something spectacular. During this chat we were really able to paint that picture for the clients, building consultant and builder, giving them confidence and peace of mind.

We discussed how the Schuco products would help to create that much-wanted effortless symmetry. Our consultants were also able to recommend self-cleaning glass for easy maintenance and stunning aluminium frames to elevate the zinc cladding.

Adapting to the client’s needs

It’s testament to the rapport we build with our clients that they feel comfortable making changes to the specifications of their project – even during installation. To us of course, this feels perfectly natural as we enjoy the challenge of creating something truly bespoke to their needs.

In this case, once the products were being installed on the ground floor, the client realised there were too many vertical bars on the fixed windows. We were able to switch them for a larger frame, which really helped to enhance their view of the great outdoors. Needless to say, the client was delighted with our proactive approach.

The end result? A profit-making property

After two weeks of installation, the clients were able to see their revamped property for the first time. They were delighted with how our product selection had helped to bring their vision to reality – especially as they plan to eventually sell the property on. They now plan to purchase a second property and can’t wait to work with our team again.


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