Visoglide Sliding Doors and Atlas flat skylights create a home filled with light.

Natural light has the ability to brighten our mood and highlight the beauty of our homes from the inside out. With just a few choice renovations, you can flood spaces with sunlight – as Mr Oakley discovered when he got in touch to install new skylights and sliding doors into his living area.

Time for a change

Mr Oakley is based in Surrey in a beautiful period property that boasts a striking white render. His garden has a large patio where Mr Oakley enjoys views over his garden, but he often considered how nice it would be if the back of his home had a bit more light (also allowing him to look out from his living area when the weather wasn’t so great).

Mr Oakley first spoke to us in 2015 while exploring his options. He was impressed by the reviews we’d had from previous clients, particularly in regards to our larger projects – he felt confident that we could create his vision without issue.

James, our project consultant, initially spoke with Mr Oakley to understand the details of what he wanted achieve.

It’s all about the details

The initial brief was based on maximising the potential for natural light in Mr Oakley’s home. He wanted slimline sliding doors with a sunken track to allow the doors to pull back fully on one level – creating seamless flooring from the inside of his living area to his patio.

As his home has a striking white render, he wanted the colour of the frames to offset this, creating a stylish contrast.

Along with sliding doors, Mr Oakley also felt that his room could benefit from additional skylights to allow natural light to spill into every corner. He also wanted to achieve an uninterrupted view of the sky, without bars or thick frames supporting the glass.

To best meet his brief, we recommended two of our signature products:

– Visoglide Sliding Doors

– Atlas flat skylights

Smart Visoglide Sliding Doors use a thinner 35mm mullion – the vertical piece of aluminium frame on a sliding door that separates the glass.

This makes the most of the slide opening and lessens the frame size, which would give Mr Oakley the chance to optimise the amount of glass used while creating a modern, slimline look. The larger panes were also great for improving the room’s energy efficiency as they have fewer areas accessible to draughts and cold spots.

To carry the weight, we recommended they sit on triple tracks so the panels could overlap with ease.

Our Atlas flat skylights fit flush to the ceiling with a single pane of glass – which would give Mr Oakley the uninterrupted view he required. These beautiful skylights combine powder-coated aluminium with double glazed units for energy efficiency. 

Initially, Mr Oakley had requested a bigger single skylight but this would mean he would need a supporting frame to hold the weight. As a solution, we recommended he install two smaller skylights that would keep the view clear.

Natural light without the barriers

Although Mr Oakley didn’t go through with his order at the time, we kept his details on file. This meant that when he was ready in 2016, we were able to re-quote him easily and get his work booked in.

One change to original brief that we recommended was to upgrade the standard glass used to Climaguard One glass. This is more thermally efficient than our normal glass, meaning the doors could comfortably comply with the 1.6 u-value required by building regulations.

Once his deposit was placed, Eddie, one of our in-house surveyors, went to Mr Oakley’s home to assess the project. He met with the chosen builder on site to confirm the flooring heights and ensure that our frame would be sunk sufficiently below it.

During this time, Mr Oakley’s Visoglide Sliding Doors and Atlas Skylights were being made in the factory in Sittingbourne, Kent. Once the products were finished, we attended the site to install the sliding doors and the skylights on the same day. This kept the project on time and within budget.

Mr Oakley was thrilled with the final result – which filled the back of his home with light while creating the contrast he wanted between the white render of his home and his new Visoglide Sliding Doors.

He said: “The DWL team were very attentive to detail and make it an easy process. I’d definitely use again.”


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