New white energy efficient uPVC windows installed in Lewisham Park, London.

Similar to this other installation of ours using our energy efficient uPVC windows, we installed many white energy efficient uPVC windows into this quirky large commercial block of flats in Lewisham, London.

As with all of the other council work we have carried out in the past (most of which we don’t have photos of!), the main aim was to supply and install the most cost effective energy efficient uPVC windows that would comply with all of the necessary building regulations.

The window we choose to use is the Swish window and door system with our standard Planitherm Total glazing (toughened safety glass where necessary). These windows and doors also come with multi-point locking mechanisms with shootbolt locking. Shootbolt locking means that the locking does not only house itself in the side of the windows, but also in the top and bottom. This goes for the doors too, which all have hook bolts too to provide additional security.

As with many other developments for the council in large blocks of flats, it is essential to provide a symmetrical look and design throughout the development. The drawings got this spot on, with drawings of windows and doors that would provide maximum light for the residents whilst also complying with building regulations in terms of fire egress, energy efficiency and security. One example of the designs complying with fire egress is the casement windows in the image below.

white energy efficient uPVC windows installed in Lewisham Park London by DWL

They are casement windows that open outwards. The reason there is a horizontal bar (which is called a “transom”) running across at the bottom of the window. This bar is present to comply with fire egress rules, which state that an opening must not be 1100mm or closer to finished floor level. This is supposed to prevent anyone accidentally falling out of the window. The view is that if the opening is 1100mm or closer to the floor level, it is dangerously possible for someone to trip near the window and fall out. On a building of this size, the risk is multiplied tenfold!

Back to the installation, everything was surveyed and ordered up. Around 3/4 weeks later, our installation teams arrived with the frames and glass, the main contractor provided scaffolding and winches and we installed everything over about a month. Needless to say, any fitting team suffering from vertigo were allowed to give this job a miss!


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