Rethink electric locking doors with Ultraline

Rethink electric locking doors with Ultraline

Every element of your sliding doors should work together to help your home feel safe and look great – including the open/close mechanism.

When choosing sliding doors, homeowners are often torn between traditional handles or more innovative electric locking systems (perfect if you want to create an uber-modern ‘smart home’).

In this post, we reveal the benefits of electric locking sliding doors and explain why they’re the perfect addition to any luxury property.

Ultraline equals ultimate peace of mind

Putting yourself in the mind of an intruder when you’re designing your dream home isn’t a pleasant thing to do. But sadly in today’s world, safety must be considered when completing renovations or making changes to your much-loved haven.

When you choose electric locking, you’re immediately outwitting any potential burglar. Here’s why –  with electric locks, there’s nothing to see or attack. A handle or key cylinder lock is the point at which an intruder is going to attack a door to get in, when you select a more discreet option you take away their power and increase yours. Simple.

With Ultraline sliding doors, the electric bolt lock is completely hidden up in the frame and totally inaccessible to anyone you don’t want to enter your home. It’s because of this incredible feature that Ultraline has achieved not only the PAS24 security rating but the prestigious Secured by Design seal of approval too. This makes Ultraline sliding doors the safest on the market.

Unbeatable aesthetics for luxury homes

Electric locking doors are also popular due to their visually appealing attributes. But here’s why Ultraline always ends up at the top of the list…

You see most companies that can achieve a slim sightline (we’re talking 20 mm here) simply don’t compare to Ultraline as they often have one or more of the following unattractive features:

  • a large bottom rail (with a key cylinder in it requiring you to bend down and operate it)
  • a large, clunky top rail
  • a large side rail to accommodate a chunky handle and key cylinder lock

Ultraline is unique because it discreetly tucks away the electric locking bolt at the head of the frame. This allows for that signature 20mm sightline all the way around, which is truly iconic and innovative within the marketplace.

A bespoke electric locking door system, suited to your lifestyle

Have fiddly specifications? Or a steadfast vision of what you want the end result to be? Ultraline is still the clear choice for homeowners everywhere. 

Ultraline can achieve a 20mm sightline all the way around – whether the pane is a moving one or a fixed one. This means Ultraline sliding doors always look consistent and symmetrical whether or not all panes move or not – and whatever your needs may be. This symmetry gives equal sightlines which our team of friendly consultants find increasingly is a big plus for many of our wonderful customers!

Never be tempted by fancy door handles again

No matter how lovely those handles may look, this post proves that electric locking is superior when it comes to a minimal, stylish aesthetic andpeace of mind for homeowners. If you’d like to find out how electric locking doors could enhance your lifestyle, book a personal appointment at our Kent showroom and see the amazing benefits for yourself.


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