How Architectural Slimline Sliding Doors do things differently from other available styles

Sometimes even the most contemporary of homes can struggle to make the best use of natural light, with residents consistently craving for new and innovative ways to show off the modernity of their living space while also being able to show it off without disrupting the established style. Enter our range of Architectural Slimline Sliding Doors, the most complete minimal aluminium door system from Ultraline which does things very differently from other rear entrance door options.

Stylish sliding door

A minimalist frame design that lets natural light shine through

What’s immediately apparent and noticeable about our selection of Architectural Slimline Sliding Doors is the sheer amount of glass surface area each panel makes use of. Unlike most sliding patio doors which struggle to cut back sightlines even when engineered in aluminium, these slimline variants offer an industry leading sightline of only 20mm. This results in an inherently minimalist sliding door product, readily capable of letting light enter and spoiling homes with wide views.

For most people it may come as an initial surprise just how discreet the Ultraline system’s frames actually are, especially when considering a material thickness of only 2.5mm. These doors are all about removing the boundaries and barriers that would typically stand in the way of the modern home or high-rise apartment, delivering aesthetically as well as practically in terms of performance.


Effortless gliding action – No handles required!

Keeping in line with the aluminium system’s preference for modernity is its ability to provide vast amounts of ease of use, not solely with the practical act of sliding the doors but also with the inventive way technology has been integrated. Rather than using manual force to slide the door panels open as is typical of most products, the Architectural Slimline Sliding Doors can be operated remotely via smartphone use, removing the need for unsightly handles in keeping with the minimalist design.

This, combined with the system’s integration of high security electronic locking also renders the final product somewhat unrivalled in how secure in can make the home when compared to the conventional multi-point locking found elsewhere.


Slimline Sliding Doors that look good and perform great

Internal multi-chambers within the aluminium profile work well to retain any natural heat generated in the home, resulting in a much more energy efficient and more comfortable home. This can even result in reduced energy bills by making homeowners less dependent on central heating in order to warm the home. U-values as low as 0.96 are readily achievable if glazed appropriately.


DWL: At the forefront of design and quality products

Architectural Slimline Sliding Doors never fail to act as a key centrepiece to any home, representing DWL’s commitment to offering homeowners the very best products currently available. For more information on how we can help improve your home, feel free to call our team on 01795 418 538 or contact us online.


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