Solidoor or Solidor?

Let's take a look at this groundbreaking product.
Solidor Solidoor timber composite door

Is it ‘Solidoor’ or ‘Solidor’? Anyone who searches for search volume on Google’s Keyword Planner will know that nearly as many people search for Solidoor as they do Solidor.

‘Solidor’ is the correct spelling. People who have only heard the name and not seen it written down, understandably search for ‘Solidoor’. So we’ve created this article to catch all those people looking for information on Solidor timber composite doors.

In the last 5 years, Solidor composite doors have become a force to be reckoned with and a company that has grown phenomenally fast. In our opinion, this is down to two key factors.

Firstly, the product itself. Solidor composite doors are more sturdy, more secure and more thermally efficient than traditional GRP core composite doors on the market. The video below demonstrates how much more secure Solidors are with their solid timber cores than other composite doors. Watch as the same person tried to break into 3 different composite doors.

Secondly, their fantastic marketing. Their video gallery section and the gallery section on their website is a good place to see why Solidors are so in demand. Everything is totally tailored and aimed towards the homeowner.

Perhaps the best example of how aiming and designing marketing towards the homeowner is with their Design a Door feature on their website. There you can input all of the styles, colours and furniture options and see a rendered image of your future door update as you do so. It’s a very powerful tool for homeowners, especially when there are so many styles and colours to choose form out there. We have used this feature alone with over 20 of the Solidors we have sold over the last year.

So, whether you arrived here through searching for a Solidoor or a Solidor, we hope we have explained why it has become a household name and why you should invest in one with us for your home.


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