Timber look windows vs timber windows – Decisions, decisions…

Timber look windows or timber windows? It’s a difficult decision and it’s one our customers regularly have to make.

Before the advent of timber look windows, people only had timber windows, aluminium windows or uPVC windows to choose from. When timber look windows first hit the market, it still took a while for them to become well known as a product. At this time, people came to us initially looking at timber windows and only ended up considering timber look windows as a follow on from this. Once they had seen and been educated on them and their benefits in the showroom, it then became a difficult decision between the two.

Nowadays, whilst some people have never heard of them, most of our timber look customers now come to us with some knowledge of timber look windows, whether they’ve seen Residence 9 or Evolution. We can then show them the products in the showroom and explain the products in more depth.

Let’s compare the two, starting with timber windows.

Timber stormproof windows

Undeniably beautiful. Freshly finished and painted hardwood timber windows look fantastic in any property – they certainly improve kerb appeal.

Less bowing and rotting. Timber windows are renowned for rotting and bowing but this has improved in recent years with product innovations. Unsurprisingly, these innovations do come at an extra cost.

Re-painting not required as frequently. With modern and high-end timber windows, the paint finishes and more durable and long-lasting than ever before.

Thermally efficient. As a natural substance, timber windows are thermally efficient, which is good for your carbon footprint and your energy bills.

Conservation areas – sometimes timber is the only option. It is certainly the case that in some conservation areas and listed buildings, timber is the only material planning officers will allow. This is because it is a truly traditional product and is often what is already in the old property.

As well as these advances on the timber window front, timber look windows certainly have advantages of their own.

They look like the real thing. Timber look windows including Residence 9 and Evolution are so innovative in their own ways, that it is difficult to tell that they are not timber. Customers in our showroom often can’t tell the difference between the two. This of course means that timber look windows score in the kerb appeal department too.

Absolutely no maintenance. No painting. No rotting. No adjusting due to bowing. No worries. No brainer.

Thermally efficient. Combining modern composite uPVC multi-chambered frames with the traditional timber look, means that timber look windows are equally or in some cases, more efficient than their timber counterparts.

Conservation areas. It’s clear that Residence 9 has achieved something truly remarkable when they are being increasingly allowed into conservation areas. R9 windows comply with Article 4 of the conservation document, which essentially states that any new windows must match the existing ones in the listed or conservation area property. This tells us all we need to know about how close the product is to the real thing. Click here to explore a more detailed explanation of this on the Residence Nine website. 

Value for money. Whilst certainly an expensive product, timber look windows are certainly better value for money than some of the high-end hardwood windows out there, that still need maintaining and painting.

In summary, we install both timber and timber look windows for our customers. One of the products is right for you and your property. Our customers have found that the best way to find out is to head to a showroom where both are on show. If you have this decision to make, we advise you to head to your local timber/timber look specialist. If you’re not in our area, we’d be happy to source a more local installer for you.


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