Ultraline achieves Secured By Design status

We are super-pleased to announce that our signature range of Ultraline Sliding Doors has newly achieved  the prestigious ‘Secured By Design’ status. To celebrate, we’ve put this post together which explains why SBD is so important within the design industry – and what this means for your next home project.

Ultraline explained

Known  nationwide for its unbeatable minimal sightlines and sleek design, Ultraline sliding doors are a must-have addition to any self build or renovation.

We recommend them to hundreds of our valued customers as they’re ideal for creating a simplistic yet high-end look. Our team also like the fact they can be made bespoke to any creative vision and have a range of stunning-yet-practical features, such as an innovative locking system and laminated glass. Perfect for peace of mind.

The importance of Secured By Design

Ever worry about how secure your home reallyis? Secured By Designcan help with advice and information. SBD is a national crime prevention initiative, working with all UK police forces to help homeowners live in a safer society.

You can rely on SBD for advice when choosing products for your home as its partners include National and Local Government, British and European standards authorities and trade associations. They also work alongside the construction industry and many manufacturers.

How SBD works: the power of design

Within selected UK police forces, you’ll find Secured by Designed police officers and staff. They work with architects, developers and the local authority to keep homes safer through design and physical security. They’re called Designing Out Crime officers.

These officers promote the use of proven crime prevention techniques in the layout and landscaping of developments. They might suggest ideas on natural surveillance, defensible space and limit through movement devices to help keep things secure. So far they’ve helped hundreds of developments from leisure centres and office blocks to family homes and apartment buildings. And who knows, your home could be next.

Designing Out Crime officers also seek to improve the security of buildings by recommending products like doors, windows and locks that are robust enough to resist physical attack from burglars. Understandably, this is an extremely stringent process which is why we’re so thrilled Ultraline Sliding Doors made the cut.

How did SBD test Ultraline Sliding Doors?

At DWL we put homeowner safety at the same level as design. It’s extremely important all our customers benefit from exceptional security so they can enjoy their home forever. This is why we were only too pleased to have Secured By Design test out our Ultraline doors. So how does the process work?

First the Secured By Design offers come to inspect the doors. And to make sure they’re being as comprehensive and detailed as possible, they also take a close look at all operational and factory procedures. Then, they test the doors durability using thousands of ‘cycles’. This is when the officers open and close over and over again to make sure they absolutely stand the test of time.

This means when you invest in Ultraline, you can now be sure you’ve invested in complete safety as well as innovative design.

Kickstart your Ultraline experience today

At DWL, we work closely with our customers to select the perfect Sliding Doors for their vision. And now they’ve got the SBD stamp of approval, you’re choosing to have peace of mind too.

If you’ve been inspired to give Ultraline a go, why not book a personal appointment at our luxurious showroom today?

To find out more about Secured By Design click here.


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