What size sliding doors should I design into my new build or extension?

What size sliding doors should I design into my new build or extension?  

Nothing finishes off a renovation quite like the addition of architectural sliding doors. Whether you’re building an extension or planning a little upgrade, here’s everything you need to know about including sliding doors in your next home project.

Why are sliding doors so popular?

The age of the white PVC ‘patio door’ is over. Instead homeowners can expect:

  • sleeker frames for a modern look
  • minimal sightlines for an uninterrupted view
  • innovative locking systems for peace of mind
  • smooth runners for easier access
  • wider openings to let in more fresh air and light
  • flush thresholds for a seamless flow to the outdoors with no step!

It’s no wonder modern sliding doors are fast becoming the nation’s favourite home upgrade. But how exactly do you choose the perfect sliding door set? And how do you decide on size?

Sizing for your sliding doors

Typically, the width of a sliding door ranges from 0.8m all the way up to 20m and beyond. You’ll also want to consider height. This has an impact on design because if the glass is very tall, it can’t be as wide. Then there’s weight. If your sliding doors are over 300kg each pane, then you’ll definitely need  a specialist glazing contract to manage the installation safely with the correct equipment and robots… 

For us, the motto is the bigger the better. If you’re fortunate to have a new build plot, extension or door opening that can accommodate a large door opening why not push the limits of your imagination and go for the biggest size panoramic sliding door that you can. The benefit here is that you’ll be able to soak up more of that gorgeous natural light all year round, therefore adding a desirable trait (and value) to your property.

Still not sure how big to go? Generally, glazed units start getting really  quite expensive when they get above 6-7 square metres. You may therefore want to design the configuration of your sliding doors with this in mind. Keeping the square meterage per pane under the 6-7 sq m mark and ideally around the 4-5 sq m mark, means you’ll end up with the fantastic  end result you desire without eating up all your budget.

Support to create the perfect new build or extension

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