Wood effect windows – thermally efficient?

Wood effect windows. Are they as thermally efficient as their real wood counterparts?

Let’s first look at real wooden windows. As well as being a great-looking product, as a natural product, they are thermally efficient too. They achieve fantastic u-values, able to go as low as 0.7 with triple glazing and 1.1 with double glazing. Wooden windows do not have chambers within the profile, they are solid timber from outside to inside. This solid profile design combined with the naturally thermal characteristics of wood, makes them as energy-efficient as they are.

Moving onto wood effect windows. Wood effect windows such as Residence 9, Evolution Storm 2 and Evolution Flush have hit the market and growing more and more in popularity. Wood effect windows are now even being specified for new build developments as well as one-off refurbishment projects.

“Thermal efficiency”, “energy efficiency”, “u-values” and “energy rating certificates” are all phrases that have become increasingly used over the last few years. On a wider global scale, climate change has caused us to quite rightly concentrate more on the conservation and efficient use of energy. This has impacted a wide range of industries. It has affected ours in the form of an increasing demand for products that comply with the now stringent requirements from architects, building regulation controllers and local councils. It has meant that for our industry, we have had to innovate and create new products that both comply with these requirements and still look great.

Timber effect windows

Amongst other products, our industry has created both the R9 and Evolution window systems, which tick all of the boxes.

Residence 9 is officially classed as WER A rated window and can achieve a u-value of 1.2 with our standard double glazing and 0.8 with our standard triple glazing.

Evolution Storm 2 and Evolution Flush both achieve a u-value of 1.3 with our double glazing and 0.9 with our triple glazing.

As well as the groundbreaking aesthetic and modern security benefits of wood effect windows, their thermal efficiency is the final tick in the box and is why our customers so frequently choose them.


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